0 Romance Novels You Should Read Now

1) The Bride by Julie Gardwood


I love it when both main characters have perfectly good reasons to be reluctant for marriage. And believe me, there are no better reasons out there than for Jamie and Alec Kincaid. After all, rumor is that Alec killed his first wife. And Alec thinks that his first wife killed herself because she married him. But sometimes politics rule, and Alec must take an English bride when he’s ordered to by the Scottish king to help create an alliance between Scotland and England. He marries Jamie, the headstrong daughter of Baron Jamison. Jamie is more than surprised and less than thrilled when Alec picks her over her sisters. And she’s also angry, and planning to give him hell for it.

2) Prince Charming by Julie Garwood


High society in England is not treating Taylor Stapleton well, not after her fiancee ran off with her cousin, at least. Now as an unmarried woman, she’s in danger of becoming the ward of her uncle, a man who is less than trustworthy, especially when it comes to young girls. To escape this life for good, Taylor marries American rancher Lucas Ross, who agrees to accompany her to Boston where they would part ways with a quick anullment. But it isn’t long before things heat up between them and when it becomes apparent that Taylor could still be in danger, there is no way Lucas is leaving her side.

3) Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair

Science Fiction51kLEJGLmPL.jpg

Former captain Chasidah Bergren is now trapped on a barren planet where criminals are exiled. The planet is hardly friendly and the death rate is high. And it looks like her only way off is with the help of Gabriel Sullivan, a mercenary that had been one of the biggest pains in her neck during her days as captain. She, like the rest of the universe, thought that he was dead. But now he’s back and he needs her help to stop the breeding of jukors– vicious killing machines that are uncontrollable and outlawed for good reason. The mission is dangerous, but their mutual attraction might be just as risky, especially with the secrets Gabriel is holding back.

4) Archangel by Sharon Shinn


Samaria was a thriving prosperous land governed by angels and ruled by Jove. It is full of art, music and science as well. But now it is becoming more corrupt and on the verge of destruction. This can only be changed by appointing a new Archangel, Gabriel. But even though he can restore Samaria to its former glory, he is required to marry a mortal named Rachel, who doesn’t want anything to do with him.

5) Morning Comes Softly by Debbie Macomber


Shy librarian Mary Warner did something very reckless. She answered a personals ad from a rancher in Montana looking for a mail order bride and she agreed to marry him! She is nervous about it and unsure. Something like that was crazy, of course. But she was quickly on the road to spinsterhood and she knew this might be her last chance at happiness.

Travis Thompson isn’t looking for a wife, at least not for himself. After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, he has found himself in charge of three orphans and as much as he tries, he’s failing at it. Not even a housekeeper could make up for his shortages in the parenting department, especially for three grieving children while he was grieving himself. He needed a wife so he put out a request in the personals ad to find someone who could help him out. While he planned on being faithful and devoted to his wife, he wasn’t planning on falling for her. However, when sweet Mary Warner moved in with him and started caring for his household, he found himself loving her anyway.

6) The Devil Wore Tartan by Karen Ranney


Davina McLean is completely out of options after being caught in flagrante and out of wedlock. She knows no one will ever want her for a wife– except apparently Marshall Ross, a rich recluse who is known as the devil of Ambrose. She accepts his marriage proposal reluctantly and with quite a bit of fear. But even after becoming his wife, he refuses to tell her the dark secret that he has been holding since his days of being a prisoner of war.

Marshall is nervous. The last thing he wants to do is hurt his wife, but he knows insanity is quickly descending upon him. He needs an heir quickly before he completely loses himself.

7) His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls


Max is an earl who still isn’t comfortable with high society. However, he’s willing to attend a party to check on Verity Scott, the daughter of his former commanding officer. But when he’s there, he finds himself wanting to protect and save a young servant named Selena. He decides to do so by making her his mistress. But unbeknownst to him, that servant is actually Verity, hidden by her family because of the shame of her father’s suicide.

8) Beauty and the Beast by Kerrianne Coombes


After running away, Princess Callindra of Tempath finds herself in a place she did know existed: a place even worse than her mother’s castle. When she gets kidnapped by a vampire demon to become a slave, she knows there really is something worse than living with an abusive mother. But at least now she’ll get to see her own demon horns, which had been filed off since birth.

Brigg, a rain demon, doesn’t know why his inner demon is telling him to protect this human girl, but he can’t help himself as much as he hates humans. He always had since his father was fooled by a witch who had cursed him and his brother to be hairy beasts. But now all of his demon instincts were telling him that this human was his mate. Which is how he ends up running from vampire demons with her in his protection, hoping to get her back to her home in safety. As much as he tells himself that she would never want someone like him, he can’t help but hope that she would. And part of him was sure she didn’t want to go back.

9) Persephone by Stephanie Beman

51TpX2kQZVL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Fantasy/ Mythological

Weary of battle and politics, Hades decides never to let another god rule his life, not even Zeus, the new king and ruler of the skies. Hades retreats to his new kingdom, the Underworld, but he cannot stop thinking about a young maiden named Persephone, who was the only one not to look at him like he was a monster. He knew nothing about her except that she was the daughter of Demeter and very sheltered, but he felt drawn to her, even though he knew it would be incredibly foolish for him to get involved with her. Especially since he could kill her.

10) Temptation and Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone


Iain Sinclair is a rogue of the highest degree. There’s little he finds sacred, and he especially doesn’t find any women sacred. That is, any but Elizabeth York, the sister of one of his fellow guardians of Brethren. Everyone thinks she is a proper young lady with her blindness being her only flaw, but Iain knows better. After all, he had seduced her all those years ago and then treated her like dirt. And he has regretted it every since. Now he’ll take every chance he can get to win Elizabeth back.

11) A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn


When Jack’s smart mouth lands him taking a bus into the middle of nowhere with his best friend, he knows he’s already in trouble. But hey, it was better than being on a lame tour of European mueseums, right? Things were definitely not lame, especially when the two friends stumbled on a forgotten kingdom where everyone was asleep. It didn’t take long for them to make their way up to the castle where they found a beautiful girl sleeping, completely undisturbed. Jack had the urge to kiss her. And when he did, he woke her up with the entire kingdom and found the girl insufferable. But hey, this really gave his parents a reason to freak out.

12) The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott


Simon Hudson had never needed or wanted a committed relationship until he met Kara, or at least saw her waiting tables at his mother’s restaurant. Being a college student working a full-time job on top of classes, Kara was wearing herself thin just trying to survive, which made Simon want to protect her. And he needed to do just that when she fainted on her way home from work from illness and exhaustion. Now with her in his care, he was more attracted to her than ever. But unfortunately he didn’t do relationships. Not since a terrible night years ago that had triggered his need for complete control.

13) Everything I Ever Wanted by Jo Goodman


India Parr is the toast of Drury Lane. She’s won the hearts of many with her performances onstage, but she’s never given her heart to anyone and feels incredibly lonely despite the accolades she gets. However she’s intrigued by the Earl of Southerton, who has taken her away from the city by force in an effort to protect her. But she knows she can’t tell him her darkest secrets, like the man who has been abusing her for years. Not yet, at least.

14) Irish Born Trilogy by Nora Roberts


Two sisters, Maggie and Brianna, are trying to make their ways in life doing what they love. However, they are both struggling with the death of their father and taking care of their bitter and verbally abusive mother. Maggie’s art catches the eye of a rich and handsome gallery owner. However, the last thing she wants is someone trying to dictate what she can and cannot make, as well as her artistic process. She definitely doesn’t want to pander to stuck-up art lovers who know next to nothing about art. But this gallery owner can be just as stubborn as her and has a way of getting what he wants.

Brianna’s world gets turned around when a handsome American writer comes to stay at her bed and breakfast while researching a thriller set in Ireland. Despite herself, she falls in love with him, even though she knows that eventually he will pick up and leave again becuase he never stays in one place too long.

However, both Maggie and Brianna have another surprise coming to them: they have a half sister who is living in the States. To get in touch with her now only living relatives, she comes to pay them a visit– and catches the eye of their next-door neighbor, Murray.

15) A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


Everyone knows Gabe and Lea should get together, even the squirrel that hangs around their college campus. They get the same Chinese food orders, know the same pop culture references, and they are both in the creative writing class. Unfortunately both of them are so shy that probably neither of them will actually act on their own feelings. Luckily everyone they know is more than willing to help.

16) Lone Wolf’s Woman by Carol Finch


Vince Lone Wolf is everyone’s last resort for justice and protection. No matter how good he is at what he does– and he’s the best– no one wants to deal with a half breed. He’s prepared to live a solitary life. That is, until he meets Julia Preston, a young woman who would do anything to save her brother and her family ranch. Even marry Lone Wolf.

17) Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles


Brittany Ellis wants to keep her entire life perfectly molded and tightly controlled. She needs everyone to know that her life is perfect, from her big house to her jock boyfriend. But things are on the verge of unraveling senior year. It’s bad enough she spent an entire summer away from her boyfriend, but now she’s chemistry partners with Alex Fuentes, a very hot but very dangerous gang member who is on the wrong side of town.

Alex has plenty of his own secrets to hide, like how he really hates being in the gang, but needs to keep his family safe. More than anything he wants to keep his little brother out of it so he can make a better life for himself. He hates Brittany like he hates all the other rich kids in his school. That is, until he realizes there’s more to her than what meets the eye.

18) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Elizabeth Bennet couldn’t care less about Fitzwilliam Darcy’s money. She found him arrogant, rude, and completely insufferable. And yet she has to put up with him so her sister Jane has a chance with Mr. Darcy’s friend, Mr. Bingley. But while she’s dodging marriage proposals from the pompous Mr. Collins, looking after her sisters, and trying to gain the attention of the foot soldier Mr. Wickam, Mr. Darcy has found himself growing more in love with Elizabeth Bennet every time they meet. Unfortunately he had never been very good at expressing his emotions. But even if he were, there was the little matter of his elitist aunt who wants her nephew to have nothing to do with Elizabeth and has betrothed Darcy to her own daughter.

19) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


War nurse Clair Randall is finally enjoying her honeymoon with her husband Frank in the lands of Scotland, one of the few places not completely torn apart from the two world wars. But when she walks through an ancient standing stone, she is thrust into another war… in 1743. Only fast talking and her knowledge of history keeps her alive in Scotland. After all, she is a Brit in a time where the Scots and Brits are mortal enemies. More than anything she wants to get back to husband Frank in her own time, but she is increasingly drawn to a gallant young warrior named Jamie Frasier, who will do everything within his power to protect her. Her own time is so far away. Could she really put fidelity and honor above her own heart?

20) Beastly by Alex Finn


Kyle Kingsbury is as shallow and vain as they come, and when a fellow classmate decides to call him out on it, he decides to play a prank on her– only to find out she can act out her own revenge by ten-fold when she turns him into a hairy beast, and tells him he’ll be that way unless he can find someone that will fall in love with him without his good looks. And he has two years to do it. Kyle holes himself up a town house in New York, away from workaholic father and only with a maid and a blind tutor. He’s sure all is lost until a junkie breaks into his house, wanting money. Kyle catches him on tape and confronts him, only to find out that the junkie is willing to give his only daughter to Kyle in exchange for a fix. Hoping to break the curse and protect the girl from being bartered off to someone even worse than him, Kyle agrees.

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