The Host by Stephenie Meyer – A Sci-fi, Romantic, Thrilling Story

Stephenie Meyer is an American author, known for her vampire romance series Twilight.

The Host is a Sci-fi romantic novel by Stephenie Meyer. The novel introduces an alien race, called souls, who take over Earth and its inhabitants. The book describes one soul’s predicament when the mind of the host body refuses to cooperate with her takeover.

The Host is about a species invading earth and taking over the minds of their hosts-the humans. This book brings out the situation that arises if these little ‘souls’ are inserted into their hosts and the humans essentially are supposed to be gone although the soul has their memories. The story is all about such two combinations of a human and a soul i.e. Melanie-the human and the Wanderer-the soul. Melanie is one of few “wild” humans – rebels who have evaded the alien souls that have taken over the Earth. With her younger brother Jamie and the man she loves — Jared Howe, She is on the run from souls who hunt down host bodies for use.

Souls are creatures that rely upon host bodies to survive. After insertion, they erase any mental presence of the being there prior and establish a claim over the body and mind. Earth is Wanderer’s ninth planet, and Melanie is her ninth host body. The Wanderer goes crazy at first trying to get rid of her but eventually they find they like each other and develop a bond together. Wanderer started having more and more of Melanie’s memories and feelings and they came to a sort of understanding with each other. She wanted her to feel all of the feelings and emotions she did so that she would not be destroyed.

When Melanie wants to know where the people she left behind are and when she and the Wanderer set out to do just that, the story becomes a struggle for survival and learning to live in a different world. Did the souls continued to occupy the minds and bodies of the humans? Was there any solution given by Melanie and the Wanderer?

In simple terms, the The Host by Stephenie Meyer delivers a gripping story of love and betrayal in a future with the fate of humanity at stake for the readers.

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