Science Fiction Books – the Literature of Ideas

Science fiction is the literature of highly creative ideas. By the mid ’70s, the genre of science-based ideas had grown. Apart from book, science fictions come in the form of art, television, film, theater and game. Science fiction can be synonymous with the broader definition of ‘speculative fiction’ in organizational or marketing contexts. This is a highly creative works incorporating imaginative elements which is not found in contemporary reality. This includes horror, fantasy and related genres. This kind of books are also used to raise awareness of ecological ideas, narrates dystopia future. Frank Herbert and Kim Robinson are the well known names for their serious concern with ecological issues. This kind of fiction books are written on various themes like, cosmology, creation of universe, quantum suicide, the future, symbiont, ultimate fate of the universe etc.

Out of all the genre of books that have been written so far, science fiction seems to be one that is a class apart. The feeling towards the genre is either one of extreme hatred or fanatic following. One of great science fiction books that one can remember today are “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” by H. G. Wells, “The “Red Mars” by Kim Stanley, “Servant of the Bones” by Anne Rice, “Idoru” by William Gibson and “The Time Machine”. Today these hot listed names have been replaced with modern classical space operas like Robert A. Heinlein’s “Citizen of the Galaxy and.” This kind of science fiction has a certain epic scope in the stories. They contains fighting of galaxies, a twisted concept of time, phenomenal depictions of aliens, and many more.

Fortunately, to write for this genre it is not necessary to be a “techie,” or have to be a degree holder in quantum mechanics. Good sci-fi books, could not be popular if it is not about people. It examines the human condition, perhaps in a whole new atmosphere or in a new landscape or from an “alien” perspective. To create that all-important empathy between character and reader.

The “terminal Experiment” is one of’s top 50 best selling science fiction title of all times. The “Harry Porter” was the best selling book of last year.

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